Five Ways to Add Glamour to Your Look This Fall

Just because fall is a season for bundling up and transitioning to more subdued earthy colors, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice glamour this time of year. Glamour often implies luxury with a bit of mystique, and the layers that cooler weather forces us into are perfect for achieving this look. Here are five ways you can add glamour to your look this fall.

1. Look Polished
It’s good to start off with the basics and knowing what will absolutely kill your glamorous look before you’ve even walked out of the house. Tights with runs in them, pilling sweaters, and unkempt nails or hair will completely wreck any glossy and glam look you’re trying to achieve. Keep your nails done and your hair looking its best, and pay attention to the details to make sure you look impeccably polished.

2. Add some Sparkle
Whether it comes in the form of a druzy ring, details on your handbag, sparkly nail polish, or shimmery fibers in your scarf, add something sparkly to capture some glamour in your outfit. These accessories also look nice next to dark colors if you happen to be wearing any, and once the holidays start rolling in, sparkly details end up looking very festive.

3. Get the Right Shoes
It can be tempting to keep wearing your run down boots and shoes when you know there might be seasonal rain and mud, but in your attempt to introduce glamour to your fall wardrobe, invest in some killer fall shoes. Thigh-high boots will elongate your legs and are always eye-catching, as well as any good quality heel. When buying heels make sure you get the highest that you can comfortably walk in, because it’s very un-glamorous to be wobbling around in shoes you can’t walk in properly.

4. Glamorous Makeup
Makeup can play a big role when it comes to adding glamour to your look. Now that summer is over, it’s time to consider options other than pinky lip balms and tinted moisturizers. Autumn is a time for richer, more sensual (and glamorous) lipsticks and you can be a bit more generous in defining your eyes with liner and mascara. Light smokey eyes and bold lip colors are classic looks in old-school glamour.

5. Coordinate Your Outfits
With fall comes more layers to outfits, so attention has to be paid to make sure you’re coordinating them well. Having a well-matched outfit is far more important than having expensive clothes. Use a limited palette of colors to make matching easier, and choose clothes that flatter the natural shape of your body (you’ll want to maintain your silhouette so you don’t look frumpy).

As you can see, achieving a glamorous look during fall isn’t an impossible feat. The most important thing is paying attention to the details and stay looking polished. Also, carry yourself with positivity and confidence, because being glamorous is as much about your state of mind as it is the clothes you wear.