Five Ways Tile Can Enhance the Look of Your Home

Tiles are one of the most versatile ways of adding visual interest and unique details to your home. They come in all shapes, colors, and even patterns, are easily cleaned and hold up against water incredibly well. Here are five ways you can use this adaptable textile to enhance the look of your home.

1. Add a Kitchen Back-splash
Back-splashes have really turned into a creative outlet for homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their kitchens. Tiles are a great option because they’re water resistant and can come in self-adhesive varieties that are easily applied. They are available in a range of shapes and colors, including sparkling or opalescent to suit whatever your theme may be.

2. Get Creative With Mosaics
This decorative art technique make beautiful additions over your oven, or bathroom counters, as well as patio tables, and other projects. Broken tiles can be purchased for little money and used to create your own mosaic, or of course you can hire a professional to create something for you. In fact, now you can even get adhesive sheets of tiles that are already shaped into mosaics to apply yourself.

3. Improve your Floors
Smooth tiles make cleanup easy on kitchen or bathroom floors, entryways, and mudrooms. To really make an impression, you can use strips of smaller back-splash tile to use between larger tiles instead of just grout, which looks particularly good when laying tile down in a diamond pattern.

4. Add Character to Your Island
Make your kitchen stand out even more by customizing your island. You can make your island stand out by using tiles on the sides or surface of it. One popular way of styling an island is by matching it to their kitchen back-splash, which can work well using large or small tiles in more neutral colors.

5. Give Your Shower a Makeover
It doesn’t feel quite right trying to get clean in a dingy shower, so if your shower walls need updating then tile allows ample choices in creating your dream shower. You can mix tiles of different sizes to create designs or even a trim in your shower. To make your bathroom feel larger, tile all the way up the ceiling and match the color to the existing walls and counters.

Tiles make wonderful additions to homes because they are both resilient as well as easily personalized and can be cut to fit any space. Next time you’re searching for new ways of enhancing the look of your home, consider the benefits of using tile and how you might even be able to tack the project yourself.