Christmas Cheer: How to decorate for the Holiday Season

Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, there are several ways that you can decorate for the Christmas season that will bring cheer to family and friends. You can use the traditional festive colors of red, green, gold and silver, or you can go out of the box with vibrant colors that include neon pink, orange and blue. Decorations can be in the form of a theme or in a random manner to create a unique look.

Sweet Treats
Two of the colors that you might think about when you imagine Christmas are red and white. These are often seen in the form of peppermints and candy canes. Place small bowls and vases on end tables, coffee tables, mantles and dining tables, filling them with the candies. You can add bows to the dishes for a festive look or clear lights inside a vase to make the red of the candies stand out. Other colorful candies of the season can be used as well if you want something besides peppermint.

Hanging From The Ceiling
One way to decorate your chandelier or ceiling fans is to hang ribbons or ornaments from them, letting the decorations hang over a coffee table or dining table. Try to use the same colors in the same room if you are using other decorations. As the lights from the chandelier or fan shine on the ornaments, it can create a beautiful look on the floor and along the walls of the room. Silver, white and a pale blue are ideal for this kind of design along with a few snowflakes.

Instead of using numerous decorations through the home, consider doing something that is a little more simple. Hang stockings of the same design on the mantle with pine garland and cranberries along the edge. Logs in the fireplace can offer a beautiful glow as a backdrop. Other simple designs include white lights on the tree or red bows on the doors. Windows can be adorned with vases that have small colored balls inside for a festive look.


If you want to add sparkle to your home for Christmas, then take a glitter route. Hang decorations that are full of glitter, such as holiday signs and ornaments. Dip table accents in glitter along with glitter accents on napkins and vases that are used for the holiday season. Gold, silver and pink glitter are colors that will provide a beautiful look for the Christmas season.