Winter Wonderland: The Best Coat Type for your Body

Many women don’t consider body type when shopping for a new winter coat. After all, it’s going to cover everything, right? Think again. Choosing a coat type that flatters your body shape can help you look slimmer and more put together, and in turn feel more confident and attractive. Here are the best fashion forward winter coats to suit any body type.

Boyish Frame
For those who are slim, with a small chest and narrow hips, In Style recommends a long, slim, tailored coat that follows the lines of your shape. Cinch it with a wide belt to give the illusion of curves. A slightly flared skirt also works well. A double breasted style can make you look more busty, while a broad collar also has volume.

Large Bust/Curvy
Women with ample chests should steer clear of coats with buttons, which can gape and look messy. Always opt for zippers, and look for fun details like a fur collar that draw the eye upward. A fitted coat with the belt can emphasize your hourglass figure. Deep V-necks and narrow lapels are also flattering for this shape.

Athletic/Broad Shoulders
Look for a trapeze shape that swings out below the waist, which keeps you from appearing top heavy. A tiered skirt look is feminine and adds the volume you’re looking for. Loose, unstructured jackets that are longer than hip length work well, while double breasted styles should be avoided.

Pear Shaped
According to Glamour, women who have large hips and are smaller up top should go for a double breasted style that emphasizes your silhouette above the waist. Padding and detailing at the shoulder are also flattering. Also shop for a cinched waist and plenty of room through the hips; empire waists work well for this body type, especially those with slightly flared skirts.

Smaller women should opt for a shorter coat, which makes the legs look longer and keeps your frame from being overwhelmed with fabric. Think sleek, not billowy. A textured, well tailored peacoat with subtle details can be a godsend.

Plus Size
Larger women can opt for an A-line style coat, which easily hides problem areas. Avoid a bulky coat, which adds volume. Look for simple, clean lines and a hem that hits around your knees.

By following these guidelines, it will be easy for you to find a winter coat that you’ll love to show off this season.