Why is my Cell Phone Coverage spotty in certain areas?

It happens to everyone. You are in the middle of a conversation when your cell phone drops the call. What happens? How can you go from “four bars of service to none” in a second? With the cost of cell service going up all the time, it can be frustrating to find your phone is dropping calls more frequently. Why is your cell service so spotty?
NBC news.com explains that a cell phone is really a two-way radio; it works by accessing signals from high towers in your area. The phones have very low wattage so that many people can use the same frequencies simultaneously to make their calls and to avoid the brain health hazards that cell usage can cause. The lower power also makes your battery last longer.
The towers that transmit the signals can handle many channels at the same time. When you make your call, the system begins to make checks of the signal to ensure you have the best quality service. If another tower would deliver a stronger signal, the system might decide to transfer your call to the new tower. Here is where the problem starts. The transfer doesn’t always work and the call is dropped.

It could be because the tower is faulty, or because there aren’t enough towers in your area. That dropped call could also be the result of local legislation: some areas do not permit several companies to share a tower. If your call if transferred to a tower that denies access to your service provider, the call will fail. Your phone may be faulty, or may not have enough power to access the signal. If you are not traveling, but are in a building, the problem may be that metal roofs or other features could be creating a “Faraday Cage” that blocks your reception.

What can you do about dropped calls? First, move to a different location, sometimes moving a few feet in any direction or going to a little higher elevation can improve your service. Digital Trends.com recommends that you check your phone battery. You may have enough power to make a call, but not enough to “search” for a better connection. If your battery is full, try rebooting your phone. Sometimes that will refresh the signal power. If you are in a building that may have a metal roof, move out-of-doors. Check the map of your service provider’s coverage. They may not have service agreements or towers in your area. Dropped calls can also be because your phone battery is worn out. If you are on a contract that is nearing renewal, consider getting a new phone because batteries can be more expensive that the cost of a phone at contract prices. You might also think about buying a power booster. They can raise the power of your phone from the standard 0.6 watts to three watts.
Dropped calls happen to everyone. Now you know what to do about them.