The Top 10 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or the country chances are you drive a vehicle every day. Unfortunately this means accidents, and it’s unlikely for us to go unscathed during driving tenures. Forbes ( ) tells us that at least 150,000 accidents happen each year in the USA, we’ve listed 10 types of common car accident injuries that might help you pay even more attention on the road:

1. Whiplash is the most common of all injuries sustained in wrecks. It relates to your neck and back being jolted out of place and then quickly snapped back due to impact and acceleration. Be careful to not assume or mistake it for other ‘general soreness’, make sure you’re not more seriously injured.
2. TBI – traumatic brain injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence during wrecks. Due to the head being moved rapidly, bruising and severe swelling can occur internally. This can be fatal and less severely concussions are a very frequent occurrence for victims.
3. Pelvic/abdominal region injuries are very common due to compression and their location as it corresponds to impact. These can range from outright crushing to fractures and other painful instances.

4. Facial injuries are very common due to the movement of the head and back. TMJ is a well-known jaw condition that is associated with that of trauma and car accidents.
5. As points out,psychological issues are very common among survivors of accidents. PTSD or something resembling it is something that seems to linger longer than many physical injuries.
6. Nerve issues can be caused by the affliction to any part of the body but referred and lingering nerve pain is a sign of trauma. Even something as simple as tendonitis can afflict lasting and frustrating nerve pain from a car wreck.
7. Scrapes and bruises are an expected side effect of any collision. These are likely the more minor injuries sustained as anything more serious or more realized could be fatal or life-changing.
8. Leg injuries due to them being crushed or compromised from side impact. Because of their naturally trapped state, your lower appendages are at an added risk for being injured.
9. Arm injuries are a surprisingly common injury for an alternative reason: the tensing up that occurs before impact. These muscles are very susceptible to joint and tissue damage causes by the onset of simply knowing an accident is coming.
10. Back issues outside of whiplash are also very common as your posture can be affected by the sudden jolt. Severe versions of this injury can even affect the spine or vertebrae.

While nothing can prepare us for an auto accident, hopefully the above 10 examples help reinforce the importance of safe and attentive driving moving forward.