Newborn Photography: 5 Reasons You Should Go Pro

One of the most challenging areas of photography is newborn photography. There are a lot of factors that come into play, and it can be a challenging shoot. A photographer deals with a subject that changes from moment to moment. Also, the photo shoot may be even more complex by including siblings.

An amateur photographer can definitely capture good images, but are they the keepsakes that the parents want? Finding a professional who understands the requirements of the baby and has the specific technical skills for newborn photography insures creating images that will last a lifetime.

  1. The first concern is the safety of the baby. The photographer needs to know how to pose the infant so that it is comfortable. Also, the person needs to create a shoot around the baby, including a space warm enough for a newborn without any covering. Details not to be missed before a session should include checking on any health issues with the parents and using hand sanitizer.
  2. A professional needs to have great technical ability. Understanding how natural light and eye level affect a shot with a baby is part of a great newborn photographer’s skill set. That person should also have the ability to take creatively framed macro shots. Additional technical skills include knowing how to get perfectly exposed and focused photos in what can be a low light situation.
  3. Another much needed addition that a professional photographer will bring isprops. A couple of examples are a soft bean bag used for holding a posed infant or a fuzzy blanket that compliments a baby’s soft skin. A pro will know what to bring and how best to use it.
    1. The pro will also bring infinite patience. Professional newborn photographers understand that babies have their own timeline and needs. A photo shoot can take hours to get that perfect shot and it all happens secondary to a baby’s needs.
    2. Trust a professional newborn photographer to create the special moment. Most of a baby’s photos will be snapped by Mom or Dad at home. These are beautiful and special memories, but will most likely only have one parent since the other one is taking the photo. Allow the photographer to get an image of both parents looking their best with their newborn. Try to schedule the photo shoot in the first month of the baby’s life to record them at their tiniest.

    Talk to your photographer when setting up your appointment for your photo shoot and agree on what kind of session it will be and who will be involved. Make sure to review their portfolio and evaluate their previous work so that you know it is the quality that you want. Then, trust them to take photos that will enhance your memories of this special time.