Luxury Vacations: The Ultimate Planning Checklist

When planning your luxury vacation there are few basic decisions that need to be made before you can focus on the details. You should have already decided where you are going and when you will get there. Luxury vacations are available all over the world, but there are many great resorts in the U.S. as well. Now it is time to choose a package or resort in the area. Think about what you want out of this vacation and make sure that your chosen resort will meet your expectations. If you are having trouble visualizing what you want, use this ultimate planning checklist as a guide to get started.

1. How do you want to eat and drink?
This is probably the most important consideration. Some people find pleasure in scouting their own meals out on the town. If you would rather eat somewhere new every night, then make sure you aren’t paying for all-inclusive meals and drinks. Others like the luxury feeling of the all-inclusive style packages and resorts. Check what will be included in your price. One tip from seasoned travelers is to avoid packages with too many options for upgrades. If you can upgrade any service, it usually means that the basic service is not really luxury. If the resort is trying to get an extra twenty dollars out of guests for a special meal every night, the basic package is likely to be less than delicious.

2. What unique experience do you want?
Many luxury resorts can give guests access to special adventures and tours that are not available to the public. Some like to take advantage of the free tours and excursions, but others feel less than adventurous when surrounded by other guests. Vacations with included excursions are more expensive; however, the package price is much cheaper than each individual ticket would have been. To make the most of your luxury vacation, make sure it features exclusive excursions that match your interests.

3. Where do you relax?
If you just want to lay on the beach and go to the pool, then make those things your top priority. Look for photographs of the seaside and pool posted by previous guests. Some places can use photography tricks to be very misleading about the size of their beach and pool. Examine photographs and reviews closely before making a decision. The same idea applies to pictures of rooms and common areas. If you prefer to hang out in the room, then make sure it is truly a luxurious space. Some people just want to enjoy quiet time with their loved ones on a beautiful balcony. Others want beautiful restaurants and outdoor areas. Decide what features the resort and room must have.

When going on vacation, planning can be half the fun. Pouring over the possibilities makes the days beforehand go by faster even if you are just dreaming of the extravagant vacations taken by celebrities and millionaires. Whether it is a week in the Serengeti or on a cruise ship at sea, luxury vacations give a necessary break from your hectic life. Plan yours carefully and then lay back and enjoy it.