Five Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs this Fall

After the summer season, you might want your wallet to take a break for a few months so that you can save money for the cold months of winter. There are a few ways that you can save money during the fall season that will also provide a bit of comfort for the family while being inside the home.

Clean and Open Vents
You might not think that the vents have a big deal to do with the heating and cooling of the home, but they have more of an impact than you realize. If the vents aren’t completely open or are dirty, then it can make it difficult for air of any kind to get through the system. Make sure the vents are open all the way, and take the time to clean them before you change from the air conditioning to the heat. If there is a smooth flow, then you won’t see the unit running as often, which can lower your utility bill.

Doing Laundry
The washing machine and dryer can use a lot of electricity. Only use the washing machine when you have a full load. This can save on water and power. When the clothes are dry, consider hanging them on a clothesline outside instead of using the dryer. Make sure the vent is clean on the dryer and that there are no blockages in the lines that go outside. You should also clean your washing machine. If the washer isn’t clean, then you might be looking at washing your clothes more than once as they can become smelly or still have stains on them.

Open The Windows
The fall season often brings crisp air instead of the humid heat of summer. This is a good time to open the windows, letting fresh air inside the home. You can cool the homenaturally and heat it with the sun’s rays as well. This allows for everyone in the home to breathe in a little fresh air that they might not get during other times of the year.

Air Leaks
When the weather is cooler, it’s a good time to go around the home to seal any kind of air leaks that you might find. Air leaks can waste a lot of electricity as the air inside the home escapes, causing the electricity to run more than it should. The leaks can also allow cold air to seep into the home, which can make it harder to heat the home in the winter.

Water Usage
One of the ways that you can save on your electric bill is to not use as much water. In the summer, you might want to use the water hose to fill a small pool for children or take more showers because it’s so hot outside. You likely won’t be filling pools in the fall since it’s cooler, and since it’s not as hot outside, you might find that you don’t need to take a shower as often as you were when it was 90 degrees outside. You can also cut the temperature of the hot water heater down to save energy.