Bridesmaids Gifts: Embroidered Robes Make A Great Gift

If you’re getting married, congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your life and one that you will never forget. But get ready to make a lot of plans and buy a lot of things for this major occasion. It’s going to be a whirlwind. You’ve likely already faced that marriages are not quick and simple events to arrange. They take a lot of planning and a lot of organizing ahead of time.

One area where you definitely can’t skimp is on your bridesmaids. These girls are going to be shelling out some major cash for dresses, shoes and hairdos, and they’ll also be putting in a lot of their time and energy to help you make this day very special for you and your honey. In order to repay them in a thoughtful way, it is customary that the bride offer a bridesmaid gift to each one of her favorite ladies. A great idea for a bridesmaids gift is an embroidered robe.

The Fun of Giving Embroidered Robes for a Bridesmaids Gift

Here’s why giving a robe with embroidery is a great gift for bridesmaids.

1. They’re a fun gift with the added bonus of sentiment.

When it’s girls movie night or girls spa day, robes are a must. This is true whether you’re getting your hair done or eating popcorn. In that way, embroidered robes are super fun. But they’re also thoughtful. When you get the robes embroidered with the name and the date, your bridesmaids will always remember your wedding day.

2. They can be used on your wedding day.

These are great gifts also because they can actually be used while you are all getting ready to walk down the aisle.

3. Embroidered robes are not too expensive.

Embroidering is surprisingly inexpensive if you know where to get it done. In addition, a simply floral or basic colored robe can be purchased for relatively cheap as well. These aren’t gifts that are going to break your budget.

4. One size fits all when it comes to embroidered robes.

If you buy outfits or t-shirts as gifts, there’s the dreaded process of trying to guess everyone’s size. This can be annoying and embarrassing for some girls. Instead, embroidered robes are a one size fits all clothing item.

5. Bridesmaids will be able to use them on a daily basis after the event.

Likely the best thing about these robes is that they can be used by your bridesmaids after your event. There’s no need to worry about getting them something they won’t use.

6. They’re great for pictures.

Finally, when you’re getting ready for your own walk down the aisle, you’ll want pictures, and matching robes make for some great shots.