8 Brain Training Games that Increase Your IQ

As we get older, our brains age too. New studies show that much like our bodies, our brains can be kept in shape with regular exercise.

Here are 8 brain training games that improve different brain functions.


A common memory problem is an inability to remember people’s names. Enter BrainHQ. This app boasts a great series of exercises working on attention to detail, processing visual scenes, and matching people’s names to faces and biographical details.


Named the #1 brain training app by CNN, Lumosity has become the gold standard of brain training games. After taking an assessment, you can focus on the areas of your brain that could use some improvement: attention, problem solving, short-term memory, processing speed, and more.


This cNet article ranks Elevate higher than Lumosity in design and fun. Elevate also has communication exercises to improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Elevate is also less expensive than Lumosity.

Brain Fitness Pro

This free Android app (available on Google Play) has exercises for remembering phone numbers and sequences of letters. It also has a series of math problems to keep your mind at peak performance level.


You’ve probably wished you had a photographic memory at some point. Eidetic relies on “spaced repetition,” which helps you to memorize anything from a phone number to historical facts.

Fit Brains

Some reviewers have said Lumosity feels a little too much like a series of tests run by their doctor. Fit Brains is trying to go in another direction with its more video-game-like layout. Fit Brains’s aim is to improve your brain’s performance by taking you through a collection of games designed to help you in the areas you need. Fit Brains games get harder as you complete them, so you’ll always be in for a challenge!

Brain Workshop

Many of these apps are pricey. If this limits your selection, Brain Workshop is here to help. While it offers a smaller selection of games and lacks a personalized program, it is a free, open source app available for both Mac and Windows. With Brain Workshop, you can improve your short-term memory and mental flexibility. Games can be made more or less difficult, and lets users track their improvement.

Fit Brains

This app from the creators of Rosetta Stone Language Programs is designed to help your focus and memory. Developed by neuroscientists and featured in the New York Times, this is a fantastic app that allows you to track your mental progress, and you can even set up an account and start playing for free.

So here’s to your brain! Stay sharp.