6 Benefits of Time Tracking Solutions for Your HVAC Business

The HVAC industry today is poised for record levels of growth globally. This is why HVAC employers with a large remote workforce rely on time tracking to manage costs, boost profits and monitor client and customer satisfaction. There is no substitute for time tracking to achieve these three goals and many more besides!

In this post, learn six major benefits of using time tracking software for your HVAC business.

Benefit #1: Boost productivity throughout your workforce.
Perhaps the number one benefit of instituting a time tracking solution for your workforce is boosting productivity. Initially this boost may come simply from the presence of the time tracking software itself. Later, the boost will also come from a reduction in paperwork, drive time and administrative hours spent tracking time.

Benefit #2: Improve project management from start to finish.
From estimating costs to assigning workers, tracking progress to ordering supplies, time tracking software can help project managers monitor each project and pinpoint small delays or employee issues before they become major productivity roadblocks. Time tracking solutions can also help managers oversee the entire project timeline from a big picture perspective by tracking whether man-hours are on target for each open project.

Benefit #3: Deliver better performance reviews.
For employers managing a remote workforce that spends their days in the field, it can be difficult to offer useful feedback about performance issues from a first-hand perspective. Time tracking software gives managers a way to benchmark the performance of peers against each other and evaluate each employee’s overall productivity from day to day.

Benefit #4: Ensure the right workers are assigned to the right jobs.
Not all employees are created equally. Time tracking solutions can help managers discover each employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses while on the job by tracking each employee’s performance on different types of jobs. This can also be helpful in identifying which employees may benefit from further training to improve performance and which employees may be exhibiting supervisory or management potential.

Benefit #5: Keep employee costs manageable.
Time tracking software makes it much easier to manage costs by aggregating data from all employees together in one place for analysis and review. Not only can this help you spot under-performing employees, but you can also identify inefficiencies in your work flow and pinpoint special client needs that may require additional time to handle.

Benefit #6: Provide accurate accounting for your clients.
If you have a number of HVAC clients who contract with your company for annual maintenance agreements, and you bill them periodically for these services, your time tracking software will make billing disputes much less likely to occur.

The most important aspect of selecting the right HVAC time tracking solution is to ensure it is mobile, easy to use and can grow with your company as it grows.