4 Ways you Benefit from Supplements this Fall

Supplements are all the rage right now, and for good reason — many people have terrible diets that don’t provide their bodies with the nutrition they need. However, too many supplements can be harmful. It’s important to try and get the right nutrition through dietary means, rather than pills. Here are four ways supplements can benefit you this fall.


1. Better defense against illness.


With the changing of the temperatures, many people will begin to feel a bit under the weather. Vitamin D supplements can help to fight against many illnesses like the common cold, as well as major diseases including cancer, diabetes, depression, and more. Vitamin D supplements taken once per day can greatly reduce your risk of illness when combined with proper nutrition and diet.


2. Greater muscle growth.


With swimsuit season gone and out of the way, many people are trying to gain muscle mass during the colder season. The proper supplements can help. Creatine and protein supplements can be used to aid recovery after a heavy workout, as well as encourage muscle size growth. By taking the supplements once per day, and using creatine before a workout, it’s possible to gain up to one half pound of muscle per week. However, the rate of growth will vary based on skill level and age.


3. Filling shortfalls in your diet.


If you usually eat fresh fruits and vegetables, that will be much harder to do once the growing season ends. Farmer’s markets won’t carry locally grown produce, so to get the same benefits you find during the spring and summer, you’ll need to supplement your diet with the right kind of nutrients. There are a myriad of supplement pills for all types of dietary needs.


4. Improve brain function.


There are many nutrients that can help you to think more clearly and have a better memory. These are found in nature, but are generally not consumed in great enough quantity to have any tangible effect. These nootropics, as they are sometimes called, are considered to be cognitive enhancers. Consuming them can improve mood, memory function, and more. If you’re studying for a major exam, taking one of these pills once per day can help information retention.

It’s important to keep in mind that supplements are not magic beans. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should also take care when taking supplements that you don’t exceed the recommended daily value. Even healthy chemicals can become dangerous at high doses. Exercise common sense, and consult with your physician if you have any questions.