4 Ways to Improve Mobile User Experience for Businesses

Close up of businessman using smartphone. Business concept

A mobile user experience is basically a summarization of how a prospective customer or a client will feel every time they visit your website. It’s among of the most important things that will keep the client coming back to your website. If your organization depends on the website either through containing products or services of interest to customers or must at least maintain a web presence to be competitive, then an improved mobile user experience will be crucial toward attracting and sustaining your client base. It might be how you call your website or how to plan everything in it but basically, user experience will play a serious role whether you recognize it or not. It may influence your customers’ decision to make a purchase, contact you or even explore around your site. Therefore, having a superior user experience will guarantee a return of investment. Here are some of the ways to improve your mobile user experience.


The need to evaluate what information is significant to the user is the first aspect of an improved user experience. Content information is best organized in sections. Your navigation must comprise diagrams and illustrations as without them, the website visitor is absolutely lost. Make sure you are helpful by identifying all the signs and directions to ease their navigation. In fact, navigation is turning to be easier through the use of menu bars used on similar spots on each page. Therefore, navigation constructed through excellent designs requiring good organization is critical and will eventually satisfy your customers’ interests.


Responsive web design

Tablets and smart phones have altered the tactics toward user experience and design.Responsive web-layout is about offering the ultimate user experience regardless of whether viewers use desktops, tablets, smart-TV or smart phones. Every time a viewer realizes that they can’t use a website to its full potential on devices of their choice, then their rate of task conclusion will fall consistently.


Readability is the other aspect of an improved mobile user experience. If your business website has readability difficulties, then there is a possibility that your visitors will get annoyed and leave the site. This essentially implies that you lose your potential customer. According to Forbes, text are easily read when the color of the font and that of the background are in high contrast. Low contrast will annoy the reader as it causes eye exhaustion. Visitors with impaired vision may not even grasp anything under low contrast text. Similarly, if the content of the site is over crowded together with no existence of distinct separation between elements, then navigating and reading your site might become very difficult.

Call to action

Every businesses wants their call to action buttons to stand out from the core content of their site, drawing the attention of the site visitors. The use of call to action in a determined way will increase your active participants and repeat customers. Colors can be utilized to balance the dimension of your button with those that are less obvious being used for larger buttons. Upon using smaller buttons, a brighter contrasting color would really make your button pop.

Usually, it is possible to assume that your website functionality is working as expected when it show beautifully on your computers browser. However, testing it across a variety of mobile-based browsers is critical for your business success as potential may prefer working on devices of their preference.